Topic Name
Reflective thinking What is Common Knowledge?
What makes a good introduction to an essay?
What makes a good conclusion to an essay?
Essay writing entry quiz
Essay writing exit quiz
Report writing entry quiz
Report writing exit quiz
Writing strategies Recognising sentence construction
What is a paragraph?
What's the meaning of linking expressions?
Academic style - can you 'spot' it?
Paragraph introduction sentences - what are they really saying?
Do you know your Faculty/School requirements?
Writing academically A report is...
Identifying good reflective writing
Report Sections
Identify well-written essay titles
Do you know about Topic Sentences?
Passing exams Passing exams - leading a healthy lifestyle
Research skills What do you know about search strategies?
Keywords Quiz
Linking your search terms
Wildcards quiz
Advantage or disadvantage of using the Internet
Internet Searching
Evaluating information
Referencing and plagiarism Harvard Referencing quiz
Do you know how to reference correctly? - APA
What is plagiarism?
Do you Plagiarise?
Plagiarism defined
Do you know how to reference correctly?
Referencing - APA final quiz
Book references
Essay in an edited book reference
Journal references
Website references
Article from a database reference
Conference Paper
Command Paper references
Ebook references
Ejournal references
Blog references
Email references
Film reference
Theses references
Sources with no author reference
CD-Rom reference
Sound recording reference
Published music
Images references
How to reference - final quiz