Troubleshooting online submissions

What to do in the event of a problem

1. If the University systems are offline or there is a technical fault and the deadline is close, an extension may be granted, subject to an agreement with the assessment team in the Student Registry office.  If this happens, everyone affected will be alerted via Solent Online Learning (SOL) forums and email.  A notice will go up on the 'Home' page of SOL.

2. Any assignment issues after the due date must be discussed on a case-by-case basis with They will contact the Learning Technologies Advisors (LTAs) if any technical help is required. 

3. If a student submits work in error and wants to revert it to draft in order to upload again, they should contact their tutor (see Reverting a submission to draft) or email

4. If an assignment inbox is incorrectly set-up (e.g. wrong file size, groups not set up, etc.): 

  • tutor contacts to rectify issues.
  • LTAs liaise with for clarification if required.
  • students may be granted extension as per policy on technical issues if the date is close to the deadline (subject to liaison with the assessments office)

5. If a student uploads a draft, but doesn't click final submit button:

  •  tutor contacts to make the appropriate changes if necessary. This is the same for on time and late submissions.

6. If a student uploads a draft, clicking the final submit button within the late period:

  • tutor contacts to remove the late flag. 
  • LTAs can check the logs to make sure that only one draft was uploaded on time and that the submit button was clicked within the late period with no changed made.

7. If a student uploads a file to SOL successfully but it is not recognised by Turnitin:

  • tutor can contact who will investigate why the file is not recognised.
  • more  straightforward issues, such as a missing file extension, may be resolved by the LTAs.
  • for complex scenarios, LTAs will contact the Assessment team to discuss a course of action.

8. If a student emails their work to the tutor (because of system problems or uploads wrong version) and the tutor believes the issue is genuine:

  • tutor contacts to upload on the students behalf (as long as the email shows the assignment was received on time). 
  • If the email is received after the due date/time then the enquiry is passed to Assessments for investigation which LTAs can support. 

9.   If student has uploaded a document and received an email notification, then later deletes the document leaving the 'draft' date stamp:

  • Only documents that have been successfully uploaded will be considered for marking. This would not be considered a final submission. 
  • If the tutor requires clarification, contact

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