Releasing grades & feedback

Release grades & feedback

The release of grades and feedback to students and Quercus (for summative Quercus assignments), can only be done by the unit leader.  

1. Check the 'filter' options underneath the 'Grading table' in the 'View and filter options' section; 'Assignments per page' is set to 'All' by default and the other filters should be set to 'No filter'.

2. Check that the student name filter has 'All' selected for 'First name' and 'Surname'.

3. Click the Select checkbox at the top of the table of students to select all students - the table rows for all students will highlight orange.

All grades will be sent to Quercus even if some students are not selected, so only release grades when all marking is complete as this process cam only be carried out once.
If this is not appropriate for your marking process, please contact for further advice.

4. Underneath the 'Grading table' click Go next to the 'With selected...' dropdown menu - use the default option of Set marking workflow state.

Set marking workflow state go button 

5. A pop-up window will ask if you want to set marking workflow state for all selected submissions. Click OK.

6. A confirmation page shows the selected user(s) (students). In the dropdown menu set the 'Marking workflow state' to Released.

7. Set the "Notify Students' to Yes (to send an email notification to students that feedback has been released) and then Save changes.

8. The 'Grading table' will show the 'Status' as 'Released'. 

9. Students will now be able to see their grade/feedback. If Turnitin is enabled the following icon will appear when the students have viewed their papers in Turnitin.