Adding grades & feedback

Samples (moderated sample indicator)

This option allows specific assignments to be marked for inclusion as part of a moderated sample. If the 'sample' setting was not enabled at set-up, edit the settings of the assignment to switch it on.  To do this:

1. Select Turn editing on from the Gear menu (Cog icon) in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Gear menu turn editing on

2. Find your assignment link. To the right of this link, click on Edit, then Edit settings:

Image shows where to click on edit settings

3. Scroll to the section 'Feedback types'. Select Sample:


For information on which assignments should be moderated, click the  icon next to the Sample assignment setting:

4. Click Save and display:

To indicate that a submission is then part of a moderated sample:

5. Click View all submission to enter the grading table:

View all submissions

6. Click on Grade button in the 'Grade' column alongside any student:

Grade button

7. Click on the 'Sample Indicator checkbox' above the 'feedback comments text box' on the student’s grade page:

Select part of the moderated sample

8. When ticked, this will show in the grading table as follows:

Grading table sample

Also see the book on pageModeration which explains how to add a moderator to a unit.