Adding grades & feedback

Double marking

This option is available when editing an assignment, and enables two extra marks to be added to the student grading page, in addition to the final grade:

Select double marking

When marking an assignment, only one grade can be entered per marker. Either mark can be entered first, however once a mark has been added the other grade selector will become unavailable. The other marker must then log in to populate the second grade:

Grade selector will become unavailable

The grade and grader will then be displayed in the grading table for each student as follows:

Display double marks

Information about which assignments are subject to double marking can be found by clicking the Grade icon icon to the right of the Double Marking assignment setting:

Description of double marking

If 3rd marker moderation is required, add a moderation statement including name and date to the folder named 'Moderation (External Examiners) Private Folder'.