Adding grades & feedback

Setting up groups for marking

If there are lots of students on a module, they can be split into 'tutor' groups to help with grading.

1. On the unit homepage click the cog in the top right hand corner and select groups.

Gear menu groups

2. There are two options for setting up groups - the first option is for 'Auto-create groups', the second to manually 'Create a group'.

3. To create groups automatically (when it is not important who marks which students) click the Auto-create groups button. 

The settings are:

  1. Naming scheme: The default will be 'Group @‘.  'Group @' will automatically generate groups named Group A, Group B, Group C, but this can be changed to ‘Marker @‘ 
  2. Auto create based on: Leave the next option to 'Number of groups’
  3. Group/member count: Add the number of markers there will be (it will set up this many groups)
  4. Select members with role: Set to student
Leave the rest of the options as default and click Submit.

auto create groups


The groups will be created with students allocated to them:

4. To create groups manually click the Create group button.  Add the name of the group, for example, the name of the tutor. Leave all other default settings and click Save changes to go back to the groups page.  

5. Select the group created and click on Add/remove users.

add remove users

6. Select the students (hold down 'Ctrl' on the keyboard and click multiple students to bulk add) and click Add, then click Back to groups.

7. Repeat this for process to create a group for each marker.

8. Once complete, click the assignment link to apply the markers to the assignment.

9. In the Administration block click Assignment administration > Edit settings

10. In the section 'Common module settings', change the 'Group mode' to Separate groups then click Save and display

separate groups

11. Click on View/grade all submissions.  A new drop down menu at the top of the screen shows 'Separate groups - All participants'.  Use this to select the marker and the table will filter its results to just show the students for that particular marker.

Click here for information on how to Releasing grades & feedback to students