Adding grades & feedback

Grading non-online assessments or adding grades only

1. Click the assignment link, then View/grade all submissions

If anonymous marking is enabled only the student ID's will be visible, so reveal student identities now; select Reveal student identities in the menu in the cog in the top right hand corner.

Gear menu reveal student identities

If the assessment is Grademark exempt (specified in the unit descriptor) and numeric grades are required, go to the menu in the cog in the top right hand corner and select Edit settings:

Edit settings

Then in the 'Grade' section change the 'Scale' to 2018 Solent numeric grade scale. Click Save and display

2. In the 'Options' section at the bottom of the 'Grading table', check the box next to Quick grading (ensuring all filters are set to 'No filter'). 

Do not use 'Quick grading' if you are adding feedback or viewing Turnitin as the page on SOL may time-out and you will lose all unsaved work.

3. Certain sections of the table are now editable; set the grade using the dropdown menu in the 'Grade' column:

Also, the columns of the 'grading table' can be 'sorted'. For example click 'Surname' to sort A-Z or if it anonymous, sort by 'Student ID'.

4. When marking is complete, click 
Save all quick grading changes underneath the grading table:

The option 'Notify students' at this stage is not important as grades/feedback are yet to be released.  

Once 'Quick grading' is selected it will apply to all other assignments on different modules, so remember to switch it off when finished.