Adding grades & feedback

Grading group submissions

Using Turnitin to help with group feedback

Turnitin does not support group submissions so only the member of the group that uploaded the assignment will see any feedback within Turnitin.  However, if you wish to apply feedback within Turnitin, in either QuickMarks or General Comments section, it is possible to save this feedback as a PDF.  This PDF can then be uploaded in the 'Feedback files' area of SOL to be seen by all members of the group.

1. Once feedback is complete within Turnitin's Feedback Studio, click on the Download icon in the right-hand menu panel.


2. Select the option Current View. This will package up all the comments, so that it can appear at the end of the PDF. The PDF may open automatically so go to File Save as or you may get the 'Open / Save' pop up options so click Save.


3. To upload to SOL, follow the same process shown in previous chapters.
Go into the assignment link and click on View all submissions.  Click on Grade icon next to one member of the group.      


4. Scroll to the bottom of this screen to 'Feedback files' so that you can 'drag and drop' the Turnitin's feedback PDF there.


5. To apply the feedback to all members of the group, ensure that the setting under the 'Group submission settings', is set to Yes


6. It is not necessary to notify the student at this stage, as this is controlled by releasing the grades and feedback later on.  

7. Click Save changes.