Adding grades & feedback

Grading group submissions

1. Click on the assignment link that requires grading:


2. Click View all submissions:


3. The 'grading table' shows all students and submissions.  It is possible to click on column titles (if they show as a link) to 'sort' them. For example, click on 'surname' to sort A-Z.

The example below shows how the submission is displayed next to both students in Group 1.

4. If students are missing from the table and/or it shows Nothing to display, check the 'filter' options in the 'View and filter options' section underneath the table. Make sure that all filters are set to No filter.


Also check that the student name selection tool has All selected for first name and surname (this is not available with anonymous marking).


Filters will change the number of students viewed in the grading table and will remain set for all other assignments across all units. Please use with caution.

5. To begin adding feedback and grades, click on the Grade button in the 'Grade' column. 

This goes to the individual students 'submission status' page showing all submission details.  In this example, a file has been uploaded to go through Turnitin so it includes a link to the similarity report and GradeMark in Turnitin's Feedback Studio but you could be viewing any submission type for groups.

Turnitin does not support groups.  Any feedback placed in Turnitin can only be read by the one student who submitted the work. Please read the next sub-chapter about Using Turnitin to help with group feedback if you wish to use Turnitin.

6. To check the Similarity report, click the 'similarity percentage' icon below the Turnitin ID. 

7. To access the GradeMark, click the 'blue pencil' icon next to the 'similarity percentage':

Turnitin's Feedback Studio will open in a new browser tab or new window.  When you close the tab or window, you will return to the students individual 'submission status' page as you must put the grade in SOL. Please read the next sub-chapter about Using Turnitin to help with group feedback if you wish to use Turnitin.

Please do not add a mark out of 100 in Turnitin as it conflicts in unpredictable ways with the grading in SOL

8. Set Solent's alpha-numeric grade in the 'Grade' drop-down menu:

9. Set the 'Marking Workflow State' (if desired).  This is especially useful if multiple markers are used or can be a 'note to self' to show, for example, that it is in marking or ready for release.  When this workflow state is used, it can be seen by students but this does not mean that anything has been released.  Only the text is updated.


10. Add any feedback files or feedback comments, if required. 


11. To apply the grades and feedback to all members of the group, ensure that the setting under the 'Group submission settings', is set to Yes. To apply different grades and feedback to the group members individually, select No

12. It is not necessary to notify the student at this stage, as this is controlled by releasing the grades and feedback later on.  

13. Click Save changes and go through the same process again.

Click here for information on bookReleasing grades & feedback