Adding grades & feedback

Grading files


The assessment criteria sets out the level of understanding and skills required by the student for an assignment, so they can see exactly what is expected of them at different grades. The digital assessment criteria tool which uses a Turnitin rubric means you can indicate to your students where they have met certain scales on the marking criteria you've set.

This is an advanced tool so if you are using it for the first time, its best to contact in the first instance to arrange some training. 

Make sure you have attached the 'Attach a rubric to this assignment' setting  to your desired rubric.  This can be added when you set up the assignment or when you are ready to start marking. 

1. Click on the assignment link that requires a rubric.

2. Click on the Gear menu (cog icon) in the top right hand corner and select Edit settings.

Gear menu edit settings

3. Scroll down and open the section 'Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings'. 


4. Scroll down to 'Attach a rubric to this assignment' and attach a previously created rubric.

5. Click on Launch Rubric Manager to create a new rubric.  Follow the guide from Turnitin on Creating a qualitative rubric.  

As previously stated, if you are new to rubrics it's best to get some training so please contact