Adding grades & feedback

Grading files

Using Turnitin for feedback

QuickMark is the inline comment system within Turnitin's 'Feedback Studio'.  It is accessed by clicking on the 'blue pencil' icon to take you into GradeMark.

Do not use the navigation buttons within Turnitin as draft submissions are available here as well. 

There any different ways of commenting on students' work:

  • QuickMark comments
  • standard editing marks by tutors 
  • tutors' own feedback which is saved as a new QuickMark into a personalised 'set'. 

This guide explains the basics of QuickMarks but please contact for more advanced training or see Turnitin's guide for QuickMark (opens in a new window).

1. Click on Turnitin's blue pencil icon in the Feedback Studio. Click the QuickMark icon from the online grading toolbar to open the QuickMarks side panel. 

This will show the currently open QuickMark set. 


2. To add your own comments, select the text on the paper and then click on the Comment on the sidebar. 

Add your comment to the pop-up box. This comment will attach to the highlighted text to give the feedback a context. 

Top tip: Your own QuickMark comments can be saved for future use; click Convert to QuickMark, enter the title, select a category then click Save.  To manage your own comments click on the Manage QuickMarks icon. To learn more about the 'Manage QuickMarks' option, contact for help. 

3. To use the pre-written comments- click on the 'Quickmark' icon.

Click on a pre-written comment, for example, 'Awk.' button. If not appropriate, simply click the 'bin' icon at the bottom of the box to delete. Note that you can add your comment in this box as well.

4. To read, edit or delete the comments you have added, click on the QuickMark shown on the paper.  

5. Click on the 'Feedback Summary' icon to add a general text comment.


The 'Feedback Summary' allows tutors to leave a voice comment and/or write a text comment about the paper as a whole. 

Close the tab/window to return to the student's individual 'submission status'.

General feedback can also be left in SOL under 'Feedback comments'.  

Grades must go into SOL. See other chapters in this book about added grades to SOL.
Please do not add a mark out of 100 in Turnitin as it conflicts in unpredictable ways with the grading with SOL