Editing (summative) assignments

How to edit settings for non text-based files

This includes digital content (files) that are primarily non-text-based documents (such as photographs, image-based PDFs, zip files), up to a maximum file size of 250MB. 

When setting up a non-text based assignment, Turnitin must be switched off. Non-text-based documents are not accepted by Turnitin and will generate an error message which can confuse students.

1. Go to your unit and click Turn editing on (top right of your screen).

Image showing turn editing on

2. Find your 'Quercus' assignment link (under the 'Assessment' tab). To the right of this link, click on Edit, then Edit settings.

Image shows edit settings link

3. Note the 'Assignment name' is not editable: this will automatically display on your unit page. If the name is fundamentally incorrect, contact student.registry@solent.ac.uk. Add further detailed instructions to the 'Description' field. 

4. Dates and times can be viewed in the 'Availability' section but are not editable. If they are incorrect contact student.registry@solent.ac.uk who will update Quercus; new dates will come through to SOL the next day.

  • Allow submission from - This does not need to be enabled.  Submissions are allowed as soon as the link is set up correctly without this checkbox being enabled.
  • Due date - This is the final submission date and the time is always 16:00.
  • Late submission - This is 5 working days after your due date and the time is always 16:00.
  • Remind me to grade by - This is the date that grading must be completed by (20 working days of the submission date).

5. Scroll down to the 'Submission types' section and select File submissions. Increase the file limit size to either 50MB, 100MB or 250MB if required. 

Increasing the file size

6. In the section 'Feedback types', select your feedback requirements; either Feedback comments and/or Feedback files

  • Double Marking allows first and second marks, from separate tutors, to be added to the student grading page in addition to the final grade.
  • Sample allows specific submissions to be marked for inclusion as part of a moderated sample.  
  • Academic misconduct allows a flag to be set where academic misconduct is being investigated. This will not be shown to students. Where academic misconduct is suspected, please see the guidance on the Portal or email academic.misconduct@solent.ac.uk, ext: 6586. 


7. In the 'Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings' section set 'Enable Turnitin' to No

8. If students are required to upload multiple files, increase the number under 'Maximum number of uploaded files. 

9. It is University policy to enable anonymous marking by default, but this can be disabled if specified in the unit descriptor; the 'Anonymous marking' setting can be found in the 'Grade' section.

10. All other options can be left as default so click Save and display.

If you need any help setting up your assignment links, please contact ltu@solent.ac.uk or ext. 5100.