Editing (summative) assignments


All modules with summative assignments are required to use the auto-generated assignment links created from our student record system, Quercus. These links are created automatically after the assessments dates are entered into Quercus by student.registry@solent.ac.uk

As tutors, you are required to update these links to meet your assessment criteria and to input your grades online even when an online submission is not needed. These online grades will then be returned to Quercus automatically when released.

What do I need to know about my automated assignments links?

  • Summative assignments are created automatically into module pages from Quercus.
  • Link(s) can be found under the 'Assessment' tab on your modules homepage. 
  • The link communicates your unique assignment name (including the weighting) and ID number to Quercus. The name of the assignment is non-editable.
  • The link shows your due/late/feedback dates which are set via Quercus.  The dates of the assignments are non-editable.
  • Go to the settings of the assignment to set your requirements.  Pay particular attention to the 'submission types' and 'feedback' options.
  • Assignments are added to Solent Online Learning (SOL) on a daily basis. 
  • If your assignment name or dates are incorrect, contact student.registry@solent.ac.uk.
  • Summative resit assignments are created automatically into module pages from Quercus. They are titled with the assessment name and term 'Second attempt'. The dates of the assessments are non-editable.  Pay particular attention to the 'submission types' and 'feedback' options. They will need unhiding for the students to view. 

What your automated assignment link might look like:

Summative link 

Before your students are able to submit online, you should indicate what type of submission your students are expected to upload (file, video, audio, myPortfolio).  Please edit the settings to suit your assessment requirements. 

Full instructions on how to edit an assignment can be found by clicking each chapter/sub-chapter in this book (See 'Table of contents' - right hand side block).  

It is the basic process recommended by Learning Technologies and if you would like to explore more advanced features, please contact ltu@solent.ac.uk

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