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Managing your Digital Footprint and keeping your information secure online

Protecting your identity online

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Government estimates have put the total cost of cybercrime in the UK at £27bn a year. High levels of intellectual property theft and industrial espionage committed against businesses means they lose over £21bn a year. 

Because of the sharing culture on social media, cybercriminals have become much more adept at targeting individuals and organisations. Phishing emails which reflect our interests (probably gleaned from social media sites) encourage us to click on infected links and attachments. Unfortunately these links and attachments contain malware (malicious software).

If you use the same password for all websites or overshare on Facebook you will be a target for cybercriminals. These computer scams cost Britain over £27bn a year. 

Read on for further information on your digital footprint, staying secure online, mobile security, and passwords and settings.