Managing roles and users


  • Main user roles and permissions
  • Assigning course reps
  • Key contacts & participants list
  • Groups and groupings


Using Groupings

The primary way of using groupings is as a means of splitting a cohort into groups using more than one criteria.

1. To define which grouping you wish to use in a particular SOL activity, such as a Forum or an Assignment, go to 'edit settings' for the item.

edit settings for assignment

2. Scroll down to the 'Common Module Settings' section.  If this section is collapsed, just click on the small grey arrow to open.

apply grouping settings

3. select the 'Group Mode', as discussed in a previous chapter. 

4. select the 'Grouping' that you wish to be used for this item from the drop-down 'Grouping' list.

5. Click on the Save and display button at the bottom of the page. 

grouping settings applied

You have now associated this item with a Grouping, and the Groups in that grouping will be used when students interact with it.