Managing roles and users


  • Main user roles and permissions
  • Assigning course reps
  • Key contacts & participants list
  • Groups and groupings


Setting up Groupings

Now you have created 'Groups', you need to set up 'Groupings' from the Groups page by selecting the Groupings tab.  The image below  shows that there are currently no groupings available. 

1. Click on the Create Grouping button.

create grouping

2. On the 'Create Grouping' form, fill in the 'Grouping name' text.

add grouping name

3. Click Save changes to be taken back to the 'Groupings overview' page.

groupings without groups

4. Your 'grouping' can be seen in the table, but there are no groups in it. To add groups, click the Show Groups In Grouping button (two people icon).

add groups to grouping

5. You are on the 'Add/Remove Groups' page for this 'Grouping'. Highlight the groups you want in this 'Grouping' in the right-hand column, and click Add.

add groups to grouping

6. Click Back To Groupings, once you've added your groups.

back to groupings

7. Back to the 'Groupings overview' page you will see the choices you've made reflected in the table.

groupings with groups