Managing roles and users


  • Main user roles and permissions
  • Assigning course reps
  • Key contacts & participants list
  • Groups and groupings


Adding Students to Groups

1. Now you have created your groups, start adding students to them. 

On the main Groups page, notice the groups listed in the left-hand column. Select the one to add students to, then click on the Add/Remove Users button, underneath the right-hand column.

select group to add members

2. On this 'Add/Remove Users' page, notice a list in the 'Potential Members' column on the right.  These are users attached to the site that are not yet in this group. Highlight the name of a student that you wish to add (to highlight multiple users at once, press the 'CTRL' key as you click). Once complete, click Add

add group members

3. The user(s) are added to the 'Group Members' column on the left.

view group members in group

4. Once complete, click the Back To Groups button to return to the main Groups page.  back to groups

Now when the appropriate group is selected from the Groups column, you will see the 'Members Of...' the group in the right-hand column.