Managing roles and users


  • Main user roles and permissions
  • Assigning course reps
  • Key contacts & participants list
  • Groups and groupings


Setting up Groups

1. Locate the Participants link within the main menu on the left hand side of the page.

participants link

2.  This will take you to your participants list.  To access the Groups menu, select the Gear Menu (cog icon), and then select Groups.

groups from participants list

3. At the top of this 'Groups' page, select 'Groups' from the three tabs, 'Groups', 'Groupings' and' Overview'. 

groups tabs

4. Before you can add students to Groups, create the Groups. At the bottom-left of this page, click Create Group.

create group

5. This will open the settings for the 'Create Group' page.  Type the name of the group you want to create in the section marked 'Group Name'. 

name group

6. There is no need to complete any other fields to create your group, so click on Save Changes.

groups save changes