Managing roles and users


  • Main user roles and permissions
  • Assigning course reps
  • Key contacts & participants list
  • Groups and groupings

Key contacts & participant list

Key Contacts

The 'Key Contacts' block displays a list of users on your unit and various methods for communicating with them. The block is customisable and allows you to choose specific roles to display. By default the block will show Unit Leaders and Tutors on the unit but this can be changed.  The block provides quick links for students to email or message Unit Leaders or Tutors.

key contacts block

To show more roles within the 'Key Contacts' block:

1. With editing turned on, locate the block and click on 'cog' Actions icon, then Configure Key Contacts block.

configure key contacts

2. Go to the section 'Roles to show' and select Yes to any other roles that need to appear in the block.

Add new role

Participants list 

Use the participants list for an overview of all users on a particular page, i.e. view a list of all the tutors or all the students.  A link is located in the main menu on the left hand side of the page.

1. Within the first block of the main menu, select the Participants link.  

participants link

2.  This screen shows all users (which can be filtered using the 'First name' and 'Surname' to see an individual user) and their last access. Use the 'Current role' dropdown menu to select only students. 

participants list

This screen does offer some options to message or email participants on the list.  However, if you wish to send a personal message to a student (or a few students), its best to use 'Quickmail' which is featured as a 'block' on the front of your unit page.  For important messages to all of your students, use the 'Unit announcements' forum under the 'Learning Community' tab, to contact your students.