Managing users on a unit

Assigning roles

1. Locate the 'Administration' block on the left of the page. If no links are visible within this block, then it may have been minimised. Click on the '+' button to expand this menu.

2. 'Course administration' should already be expanded. Go to Users > Enrolled users.

3. You will now be able to view enrolments and the roles that have been assigned to users for your unit. Click the Enrol users button to add a new user. 

4. An Enrol users pop-up box will appear. Use the drop-down menu to select a role.  If you are a unit leader or above you can assign a role beneath you such as a tutor, etc.  If you have tutor permissions, you can assign the external examiner. You cannot assign another tutor so for this, please contact

Search for the person you want to enrol by:

  • Clicking inside the Search entry box at the bottom of the popup
  • Typing the desired name and press the enter key on the keyboard or click the Search button
  • In the list of results, select the user required by clicking on the Enrol button (right of the name)
  • Click on the Finish enrolling users button (at the bottom)

5. It is generally good practice to assign only one role to a specific user. If you want, change the role, delete or unassign the role by clicking on the X (cross). This example shows deleting a tutor role.  

If adding a course rep role then see the next chapter Assigning course reps.

 Confirm the role change by clicking the 'Remove' button.

7. Click the '+' button under the title 'Roles'.

8. You will see the different types of roles that can be assigned by you for your unit.

9. Click on the desired role; for example, 'Non Editing-Tutor'.