Getting started


  • Learning Technologies 'housekeeping' process
  • Enrolment self-service
  • Importing content
  • Moving tabs/content
  • Customise your dashboard
  • Navigation

How to edit your profile

Your profile allows you to add information about yourself for others to see. Your Solent email address will be included by default but you can also add other contact options if desired, as well as your availability, a profile picture, and a short description of yourself.

There are a number of good reasons to add information to your profile and keep it updated.  Adding extra contact details and listing your availability is helpful to staff and students who would like to get in touch with you, whilst uploading a picture of yourself will allow other staff and students to 'put a face to the name'.

1. Click on your name in the top right corner to open the drop-down 'User menu' and select Profile.

Image of the SOL 'user menu', with the 'profile' menu item highlighted.

2.  The subsequent page will show your profile as it currently looks.  If you would like to update your profile you can click on Edit profile.

Zoomed in image of the profile page, with the 'Edit profile' option highlighted.

3. Once you have updated your information, you will need to save your changes by clicking on Update profile at the bottom of the page.