Getting started


  • Learning Technologies 'housekeeping' process
  • Enrolment self-service
  • Importing content
  • Moving tabs/content
  • Customise your dashboard
  • Navigation


Adminstration for resources/activities

There are two ways to edit the settings of your resource/activity.

With Editing Turned on, either click on Edit > Edit settings next to the resource/activity...

This image shows the edit settings link

... or click on the resource/activity link and go to the 'cog' icon to find all adminsitration options for that particular resource or activity.  

Image shows edit settings from the resource or activity

There are also options to view logs for that individual resource, as well as resource-specific options. 

For example, under the quiz tool, the menu shows edit settings, edit the quiz, preview the quiz, results, question bank, etc. Under the scheduler tool, the menu shows edit settings, logs, etc.