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My Bookmarks

The 'My Bookmarks' function on SOL can be used for quick and easy access to your units or course pages (instead of going through the home page).  It is especially useful if you have a number of instances of the same unit that start on the same date.

1. To add a bookmark, go to the unit page that you wish to bookmark. 

2. In the main menu (left hand side), click on Bookmarks > Bookmark this page.

Image shows location of the bookmarks link

3. Enter the name for your book mark and click Save.

Image shows how to name the bookmark

4. This appears as a quicklink in the main left hand menu, under the drop down option for Bookmarks.

Image shows bookmark appearing in main menu

5. If you wish to delete any bookmarks, go to Bookmarks > Manage my bookmarks in the main left hand menu...

Image shows manage my bookmarks

... then delete as required by clicking the X next to the link.  It will ask are you sure you want to delete so click Confirm.

Image shows hoe to delete a bookmark

Then click Return to previous page.