Getting started


  • Learning Technologies 'housekeeping' process
  • Enrolment self-service
  • Importing content
  • Moving tabs/content
  • Customise your dashboard
  • Navigation

How to use the tabbed format?

Moving tabs

1. Tabs can be re-ordered except for the first five pre-populated 'template' tabs.

2. For all other tabs, be positioned on the tab that needs to be moved (Week 3, in this case). 

3. Click on the gear menu (cog icon top-right) to turn editing on.

Image shows turn editing on icon

4.  In the 'Move content and tabs' section at the bottom of the page, a list will appear of all the other tabs. Click the tab that is to the right of the position the tab should be moved to. In this example, Week 3 will be moved to the left of Week 1 when you click on the link Week 1:

Image shows moving a tab left

Week 3 is now to the left of Week 1:

Image shows the tab has moved

Notice the instructions say 'Move current tab to left/right of selected tab' - this is because Week 3 could be moved to the either the left or right of Week 1. However it will always move to the left of a selected tab first. The only time it will move to the right is if the tab needs to be moved to the end of the tabs and the last tab is selected from the list.

A tab that has not been renamed will assume the 'name' of its new position, for example moving Tab 12 to the left of Tab 11 means that it will become Tab 10. If there is already a Tab 10 with the default tab name it will look as though the tab has not been moved, so be sure to rename all tabs to something meaningful!