Getting started


  • Learning Technologies 'housekeeping' process
  • Enrolment self-service
  • Importing content
  • Moving tabs/content
  • Customise your dashboard
  • Navigation

How to use the tabbed format?

Moving resources

If you are moving resources around within one tab, drag and drop can be used as usual. If you are moving resources between tabs, then the process is 'select' and 'place' (rather than drag and drop).

1. Click on the gear menu (cog icon top-right) to turn editing on.

Image shows turn editing on link


2. At the bottom of the screen, click Enable click-to-move...

Image shows click to move link

... and the 'drag and drop' cross-hair arrow icon will change into two arrow icon.

Image shows click to move icon

3. Click this icon and wait for the page to reload. There will now be boxes with dotted borders above and below each resource on the page. 

Image shows the place icon

Cancel this process by clicking Cancel at the top of the page if required.

Image shows how to cancel placement

4. Navigate to where you want the resource to sit (i.e. click on the tab you wish to move it to).  Then click the box where the resource will finally be placed.

Image shows shows where to place