Getting started


  • Learning Technologies 'housekeeping' process
  • Enrolment self-service
  • Importing content
  • Moving tabs/content
  • Customise your dashboard
  • Navigation

How to use the tabbed format?

Importing content

Content can be imported from an old unit page to the new one.  You will need to be enrolled as an editing tutor on both pages to be able to do this. If you aren't already, use the enrolment self-service to do so.  

1. In the new unit (for this academic year) click on the gear menu (cog icon top-right) and then click in Import.  

Image shows import link

2. This is a list of units/pages you are attached to. Only a random ten are shown so 'Search' for the required site if it does not appear in this first list. 

3. Select the relevant site from the list.  Pay extra attention to the start date so that you import the correct version over.

Image shows how to import unit

Click the Continue button and follow the on-screen prompts:  

  • On the 'Import settings' screen, click Next
  • On the 'Include' screen, you can deselect any items that are not required.  Click Next.
  • This next screen will show in detail the decisions made (whats to be imported and whats not). Notice 'template' labels, moderation folder, 'Unit announcement' and 'Frequently asked questions' forums and assignments will not be imported. 
  • Click Perform import.

If you have any reading lists, contact the library on  See the Reading lists book for more information. If you have digitised chapters/articles that you wish to carry over, you must inform the library or the links will no longer be accessible.

If you are having any issues please don't struggle -
contact us on 5100 or email