Getting started


Every summer, Learning Technologies carries out their annual 'housekeeping' process. This serves a number of purposes:

  • Ensuring that every live unit at the University has a page on SOL.
  • Making sure that every unit page has the right unit number, taking account of any changes through revalidation.
  • Ensuring that every student is enrolled on the right unit pages as per the student records system Quercus.
  • Moving old versions of the units out of the way, so that you can concentrate on the new academic year (you will still have access to all your old pages).

If you are an editing tutor on any unit, you should receive a number of emails before and during the summer break, reminding you that this is taking place. During the process, we will move old units for your previous cohort to an archive and create a fresh new unit (which includes bookthe SOL Baseline) for your next cohort. We do this so that your previous students can still have access to their version of the unit pages and any assignment feedback throughout their studies. Your new cohort will have access to the new page and only that page.

These are the main things you need to do before the new academic year 
1. Familiarise yourself with any new updates to the SOL system since the summer upgrade and look at why we are using the SOL baseline. Pay particular attention to the Assessment process.
2. Use the self-enrolment service to add yourself to the new units
3. Populate the content on your new unit (either from scratch or by importing content from the previous year)
4. Inform the library about your reading lists on

If you would like to explore more about the many uses of SOL and the types of activities you can include, contact the Learning Technologies team on