Deleting, moving, copying and editing recordings

Deleting a recording

Recordings are created locally on the machine you are presenting from. Once the recording starts it begins to upload to the lecture capture service and completes when the recording is stopped. If you need to delete a recording from the external service you can do this by clicking on "Course settings" in the lecture capture block on the relevant unit page.

Lecture capture block - course settings

This will launch the Panopto website and take you to the directory attached to the unit. You will initially see a dialogue box which you will need to close.

panopto setting dialgue box

Once closed you can follow the steps to delete individual recordings as below. You can also access your recordings  by clicking on the "Manage Recordings" tab in the recorder application. You can the select the link to "Manage My Recordings".

Manage your recordings

A browser window will open and show you resources you have creator rights to. There will be a list of folders you can record to on the left and a list of your recordings in the central area. To delete an uploaded recording, hover over the entry and select the delete icon. Be careful not to delete entries you may subsequently need!

Delete uploaded recordings

You may want to just move a recording to a different folder, this can be seen in a following page. You may also delete the recordings that are stored on locally on the hard drive. Again, make sure you only do this if you are confident you will not need the recording in the future as this is not reversible. Make sure it has already been uploaded to the remote service if needed before you delete the local copy. ICT have also created an automatic process that deletes local copies of recordings after on month.

Delete local recording