Getting Started (Windows)

Enabling lecture capture within Solent Online Learning

In the main, the lecture capture system is used to automatically attach recorded resources to learning and teaching pages in the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Solent Online Learning. In order to make your recordings available to students, the lecture capture block needs to be added to your Solent Online Learning unit pages. To do this, simply click on the 'turn editing on' button, find the 'Add a block' menu and scroll down to select "Lecture Capture".

Add the lecture capture block

If your Solent Online Learning site has been activated for lecture capture you will see the block displayed as below, initially there will be no recordings under completed recordings section. Once you begin to use the recorder to create resources and assign them to the unit pages, they will be automatically added as links within the block.

lecture capture block

If your Solent Online Learning site is not provisioned for lecture capture, you will get a message to contact with a request to enable unit pages that will make use of the service. Every academic year new unit page instances are automatically created for you, a new request to provision these units for lecture capture will need to be sent.

Unprovisioned block