All about assignments

Automated assignment creation (for Marks Upload)

The University is currently running a 'Marks Upload' project.

All assessments will now be imported automatically into unit pages from Quercus; new unit pages and assignments are added to Solent Online Learning on a weekly basis. 

Assignment link(s) will sit under the 'Assessments tab' and will be pre-populated with the assignment name held in Quercus together with the weighting of the assessment within the unit.  These fields will not be editable. 

All other settings can be edited as usual, for example the description box; assignment due and late dates and the type of assignment to be submitted must be set by the tutor

It is still possible to set up formative assignment links (perhaps you need to split the Quercus assignment into parts) and provide feedback, however, the final grade must be added to the pre-populated Quercus assignment link as these are the only ones that will transfer grades to Quercus.

Once an assignment has been fully set up it will need to be made visible to the students as it will have been initially set as hidden.

If an assignment does not require an actual submission by the students, the dates of submission and file types can be disabled in the settings but the link can be made visible and used solely for providing feedback and the final grade.

For full instructions on how to set up an assignment please look through the other chapters of this book or come to a training session.

If the automated assessment is incorrect, please contact