The SOL Baseline

The Solent Online Learning Baseline

The SOL Baseline opens up the capacity for a dynamic and enriched teaching and learning experience for all students at Solent, and raises aspirations for how SOL can be used. Building on from the Minimum Requirements we have created a template tab layout which is designed to aid consistency for both staff and students and to insure ease of navigation of the online areas.

For a practical guide to importing, moving and organising your content within the tabbed structure please see the How do I use the new tabbed format? book.Book

The Unit areas now have 5 structured tabs and an unlimited number of additional tabs which you can use with your curriculum. You will see that each tab has some guidance embedded into the page to help and inspire its completion. In the following pages we will look at each tab individually and also the Blocks which appear to the left of the page.

and the following default blocks

  • Activities
  • Recent Activity
  • Upcoming Events
  • Key Contacts
  • Quickmail