Reading lists

A guide to the Library Reading List system in myCourse.

Copyright Information

Please note that you must not scan books or articles yourself! 

Check that all the scanned chapters and articles on your SOL unit have a University copyright declaration front sheet supplied by the CLA.

If not, then they will not comply with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Higher Education licence terms which stipulate what the University can and cannot do. The Library are the only authorised scanners under the licence and all the copies we provide carry this front sheet.

If you have any concerns, or think you might have scanned items/links on your units that need to be reviewed, please check with your Information Librarian or email for help.

We are not saying you cannot have scanned or digitised items on SOL, just that these need to be done in a particular way and we can help!

To make your life easier, we can:

  • digitise 10% or one chapter of most UK textbooks
  • obtain digitised journal articles
  • link to electronic books and articles
  • provide durable web links so your materials will not suddenly disappear
  • check and update materials for September

Check your units now and make sure all your teaching resources are accessible AND copyright compliant.

Please note: the CLA has the right to view SOL and take action if they find non-compliant copies. Penalties could include the loss of the Library's digitisation service and/or a hefty fine, along with reputational damage.

General copyright information is available via and at

What about other PDFs?

The Reading List LibGuide contains guidance relating to copyright. There is a page specifically dedicated to 'Adding readings to SOL' which explains the potential hazards of adding PDFs found on the internet directly into your unit pages. You should not assume that all PDFs found online are supposed to be there or are free to use. Adding copyrighted material directly into your unit pages could leave you at risk of copyright infringement for which penalties can be severe, including unlimited fines and/or imprisonment.

And remember! PDF copies of journal articles, scans of printed book chapters, or saved copies of digitised documents must not be added directly into unit pages.