Reading lists

A guide to the Library Reading List system in myCourse.


Staff Perspectives


"The feedback from my students...has been very positive and has simplified access to relevant material where the link is embedded into the relevant weeks. It has also broadened their research skills and enhanced their critical engagement too."

Darren Kerr                                                   
Senior Lecturer in Film and Television

One of the biggest challenges when teaching any unit based around theory and critical or historical writing is ensuring that students are able to engage with the relevant material with the minimum of fuss.

The most recent upgrade of the online reading list system has resulted in a seamless link between the relevant units' own myCourse* pages and the key readings, something that has made the availability of such material much more transparent for the students.

Much of what I teach explores the history of film and television, and there is so much material on the library shelves that it can be overwhelming. I have found that by putting key material online in this way students are increasingly engaged as it is so easily and obviously accessible.

Meanwhile, the simultaneous inclusion of selected ‘further readings’ has resulted in essays and assessments that show a broader level of understanding and utilisation of material than had previously been the case.

By tying the material in with workshops from the library staff the students have been able to access material in both traditional and new ways, which can only be beneficial.

Mark Aldridge
Senior Lecturer in Film and Television


"The library team were incredibly supportive and greatly facilitated the production of course material, even at critical time in the academic year. The digitisation of course texts and provision of access via the reading list integrated with the unit on MyCourse*, made readings clearly and easily accessible to students. There is profoundly important value in searching through library shelves, but the reading list links serve to provide direct and instantaneous electronic access to specified texts."

Dr. Tom Slevin
Lecturer in Photography


"I have read the other lecturers comments and completely agree with their views on access to relevant materials, which is demonstrated through improvements to the quality and quantity of research for assessments. As a mature lecturer, I have had to accept that it is a changing academic world and whilst those of us who haven't grown up with technology may bemoan students lack of familiarity with the library, the fact is that students expect instant access to information and the virtual library accessed via the digital reading lists have enabled lecturers (especially old Luddites like me with limited IT skills) to provide this. I have been astounded by the efficiency of the library staff in responding to requests for reading and visual materials to be digitalised and attached to the reading list.. This has not only meant that students can get quick and easy access, but I frequently use it myself . Its also a really valuable tool for locating materials within seminars and lectures (especially models or short clips of film). Thus introducing virtual learning through formal teaching contact."

Polly Burton
Senior Lecturer in Criminology

* Please note: myCourse is now Solent Online Learning (SOL)