Reading lists

A guide to the Library Reading List system in myCourse.

Importing your list to your new unit page

If you import a reading list over with your other content, it will appear in your new unit in draft status rather than published status. What you will see depends on whether you have one list or multiple lists for that unit on the reading list system.

If you import a list across to your new pages please send an email to to tell us you have done this. We can then publish the list for you and check links, update editions and confirm continued compliance for digitised material.

If you wish to publish the list yourself please follow the instructions below:


If you have one list on the unit, the list will automatically appear in the viewing panel and there will be a ‘save’ button in the right hand corner

  • check it is the correct list
  • click ‘save’ to publish the list to your unit page.

If you have more than one list on the unit, when you click on an imported reading list link, you will see a list of all of the reading lists for that unit. Each list needs to be linked up on the correct page.

  • click on the imported reading list link on the unit page
  • enter the unit code into the search box and select the appropriate list
  • once selected that list will display in the viewing panel and the save button will turn red
  • check the list is the correct one and click on the save button
  • the selected list will now be published on the page


Please note:

Even if you publish the list yourself, you still need to send an email to so that we can check the list. This ensures that your list is kept up-to-date with current library stock, allows your information librarian to obtain any new titles needed for your unit and ensures we remain in compliance with our scanning licence. If you want to make changes later that is fine, just send the changes through to us and we can do those at any time.