Online assignment submission for students


If you are having problems uploading your assignment:

Before the due date:
  Go to the 'Student IT Helpdesk' in the Learning Resources Centre (LRC) in the library, Andrews or Matthews buildings, to see if they can help you with any technical difficulties.  

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They can advise on how to compress images in a document, convert word to a text-based PDF to further compress a file and give advice on known PC/MAC issues.

Or contact your tutor who can also advise.

After the due date:
If you have any issues after the due date, you need to contact your tutor immediately to find out what course of action is open to you if any.

If you leave your submission in draft mode and do not click the final submit button, this is not considered a final submission as you have not followed the formal process to declare the work as your own.

If the University systems are offline or there is a technical fault and if the deadline is close, you may be granted an extension to the deadline, subject to an agreement with the Assessments office.  If this happens, you will be alerted via SOL and email.  Your tutors will also be made aware.

Here are some of the most common error messages shown to students

Alert and error messages you may see

If you see an error like this...

Turnitin error message may simply mean that your tutor has left Turnitin switched on and asked for a file that is not accepted by Turnitin (e.g. images, audio, video, etc.).  You will see this error message whilst in draft mode.  You can ignore this error message if you are sure you have uploaded a file that is expected of you according to your assignment brief.

However, if you are asked to upload a text-based document, that should go through to Turnitin, you need to check the following:

  • If you are using a MAC, ensure that you do not hide the file extension on your documents.  Turnitin will reject it as it is unable to read the file and the error message above will appear.  Your tutor may also not be able to open the file on a PC.  If it is before the due date, contact the LRC for help.
  • Apple Pages (.pages) and some other file types are not accepted by Turnitin (see information on the Turnitin website about acceptable file types). If you need help to convert these file types into an acceptable file for Turnitin, contact the LRC.

If you see an error like this...

Error message

This is usually a problem with the file itself and Turnitin has not accepted it.  This could be a number of things: a corrupt file, the file does not contain valid text (a blank document) or the file contains purely images.  PPT and PDF files that only contain images are not accepted as Turnitin needs 20 words or more as it has nothing to match against.

If you see an error like this...

40mb maximum file size

Speak to your tutor and ask if Turnitin is a requirement as they have allowed for a larger file to be uploaded than Turnitin will accept.

If you see an error like this... 

End user licence error message

Simply click on the link to accept the End User Licence Agreement (EULA). This will not take you away from your submission as a new pop up window will appear showing the TurnitinUK User Agreement.  Click I agree.

I agree

Contact your tutor to discuss any of these errors or go into the 'Student IT Helpdesk' in the Learning Resources Centres (LRCs) if it is before the due date.  LT can support your tutor or the LRCs if required.