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How to upload your video/audio assignment

Compressing a video file using Movie Maker (PC)

Before you upload your video you need to make sure that your file is less than 500MB.

To compress you video file using Movie Maker, you need to do the following:

1) Open Movie Maker on your PC or laptop. 

Movie Maker

2) Click on the right hand side to open your video (Click here to browse for videos and photos) and bvrowse to find the video you want to compress, select it and click 'Open'.

Browse to find your video

3) The video will appear in the Movie Maker software. From the top right, click on the 'Save movie' drop down menu and select the option 'For email'. 

Save for email

4) Your video file will then be saved in a more compact version. In this example the video was reduced from 950MB to 70MB. Please allow yourself enough time as this process may take several minutes.  


5) Once the process is completed you will be asked to save your compressed file with a new name. You can save it, check that the file size has been reduced to less than 500MB and then upload it to Solent Online Learning. 

Windows Movie Maker is a simple, free video editing software for Windows and is included in Windows Essentials 2012