Online assignment submission for students

How to upload your video/audio assignment

Prepare your work:

  • Make sure your file name only includes your unit code and your student ID
  • Make sure your file type/format is one of the following: mp4, m4v, avi, mov, mpeg, wmv (for video) mp3, wma, wav (for audio)
  • Make sure your file size is under the maximum of 1 Gb

Submit your work:

Firstly find the relevant Video/Audio Assignment upload link on your Solent Online Learning page and click on it (example below).

Assignment Upload Link in myCourse

Submit your video/audio assignment using the Add draft button. The submission status of your assignment shows whether you have submitted, whether it has been graded, the due date and the time remaining before it is due. Don't forget to read any instructions that your tutor has given you regarding your assignment.

Add draft

There are two ways you might be asked to submit your video or audio assignment file. Both have a limit of 500MB. 
One of them is explained above in the Solent Online Learning submission file upload and the second is described below.

On the next screen you will be able to start the process of attaching your video or audio assignment file. Click on the green Browse/Upload button to upload your video or audio assignment. Remember the maximum size for your video/audio file is 500 MB.

Browse Upload image

After clicking the Browse/Upload button a window will open with a series of tabs to help you upload your video/audio assignment. See the image below:

  • The first 'details' tab requires you to add your assignment details.
  • For the title use your student ID followed by the Unit Code (1) - remember not to put your name. You can leave the Category as 'Personal'
  • (2). You must add a short description to your assignment submission
  • (3) and your email address so that you can be notified when your assignment submission is successful 
  • (4). Adding tags to your submission 
  • (5) is optional. Finally, click on 'Next' (6).


The next tab ('file') is where you browse for and upload your video/audio file. Click on the BROWSE button and navigate to where you have saved your video/audio file. Then click Open.

Browse for file image

A blue progress bar will appear indicating the percentage upload progress for your file together with its size in MB.

Upload progress image

When it is finished uploading the progress bar will disappear and the file name will appear next to 'Uploaded File'. Click on NEXT.

Upload successful image

On the next tab you can add a thumbnail to your video submission. Click on one of the suggested thumbnails and it will be highlighted in green (you can aslo add a custom thumbnail if you wish). Click NEXT.

Thumbnails image

On the 'associated files' tab you can add any relevant files to your video/audio submission. This could be a script or a document that is required by your tutor. It could also be a closed captions file (in '.srt' format) (1) which you can add using the  BROWSE button in the top half of the window (2). To add other files such as a script add them in the 'Add Associated Files' area (3). Click on the BROWSE button (4) and add the file which will then appear below (5). When you are done - or if you don't have any associated files to add - click NEXT (6).

Associated Files v2

The final ('Confirm') tab shows a summary of the video/audio file you have uploaded. Click FINISH to continue. Please note you haven't submitted your assignment yet - there are a few more steps to go.

Confirm screen image

After you click Finish, a message will briefly appear stating that your video/audio file has been uploaded.

Finished message image

This message should disappear and you will be taken back to the Browse/Upload window, this time with a thumbnail of your uploaded video/audio which will be processing. Click on Save Changes.

Summary Page Image

You will be taken to the Submission Status window. Note that the status will show as Draft (not submitted). You must click on the 'Submit assignment' button to formally complete the process.  

Submission status warning

You are prompted again to ensure a final submission should be made. Tick the box to indicate the assignment is your own work then click on Continue. No more changes can be made once the assignment has been submitted for grading. 


Below is the final screen you will see when the submission process is complete. The Submission status clearly states 'Submitted for grading.'

Final Summary Screen image

An automated email will be sent to you to confirm that you have successfully submitted your video/audio assignment. Depending on your email software it will look similar to the example below (please do not reply to it!).