Submitting assignments online

Online submission

How to upload a submission using OneDrive

This guide is designed to help learners sign into OneDrive to make a submission.

Click on the arrow icon to load the menu (bottom right), then click on the OneDrive icon to login.


A pop up will appear. Click Sign In.


Sign in with your University email ( and click Sign In.


Click Next on the next four screens.

Image4_1 image4_2 Image4_3 Image4_4

OneDrive Mobile App is also available to download; this can be done immediately by clicking Get the Mobile app and enter a valid mobile number or choose Later to download another time.  

Image5_1 Image5_2

OneDrive is ready for use. Click Open my OneDrive - Solent University Folder.


The OneDrive symbol at the bottom of the task bar has changed and it will sync the files with OneDrive. 


On the taskbar, open Files Explorer.


OneDrive will appear on the left-hand navigation pane.


Click on OneDrive - Solent University to access files on OneDrive.


Open the browser and log in to SOL with the Username and Password. 


Select the module you wish to upload to. Click the Assessment tab and select the correct assessment link. For example: Report 1 (60%). 

Image shows assessment tab and link

Scroll down and click Add draft.


Open Files Explorer and line up the two windows, side by side, ensuring that OneDrive is selected in the navigation pane. Drag the assessment file into the submission box (as shown below).


Click Save changes

Another way to upload an assessment file from OneDrive, is to click the Add... icon within the submission box.

Under ‘File picker’, click on Upload a file (left navigation pane) and click on Choose file. It will open the 'Files Explorer'. Browse and select the assessment file and then click Open. 

Image16_1 Image16_2

Click Upload this file to upload the assessment file. 


The assessment file will then appear in the submission box. 


Click Save changes 

A ‘Draft’ has been uploaded. Until the 'Submit assignment' button has been clicked, the submission status will be 'draft' meaning you can edit your submission. 


The submission status is still in draft so you must click on the Submit assignment button to fully complete the process. Please be aware that once you click on the 'Submit assignment' button in the next step, you will not be able to make any more changes.  

Click the Submit assignment button to make your final submission.


You must tick the box to confirm that this is your own work and you are asked again if you are happy to made a final submission as no more changes can be made once the assignment is submitted for grading. 

Click the Continue button, or if you want to make more changes click Cancel.


The submission status clearly states 'Submitted for grading'.


An email notification from SOL will be sent to you to confirm that you have submitted an assignment for the 'assessment' in question.  Keep this in a safe place for future reference.