Submitting assignments online

Online submission

How to submit your physical assignment

If you have been asked to submit a physical artifact to the hatch or in a base room, you must print out a cover sheet before submitting your work. Failure to do so will result in your work not being accepted and could incur a late penalty.

1. Go to the assignment in question on Solent Online Learning (SOL) and click 'Get coversheet'.

2. Click 'Generate coversheet'.

3. A PDF of the cover sheet will open in a new tab. Print this by clicking the printer icon in the top right corner.

  • Note the submission location in the 'Submission location' section.
  • If you have any notes to add, please do so in the 'Notes' section.

Coversheet showing print button and location information

4. Attach the coversheet to your work and take it to the submission point specified in the 'Submission location' section of the cover sheet. 

If the submission is set up for anonymous marking please fold the bottom of the page upwards to the line indicated below.

Fold page up for anonymous marking

If more than one item is to be submitted, cut off and attach one of the spare barcodes at the bottom of the cover sheet to each additional item.

The submission status will display as 'No attempt' until the barcode has been scanned at the submission point.

Submission status showing no attempt

You will receive an email when your work is submitted and an email when your tutor has released grading /feedback.

If you lose your coversheet simply print another one out by repeating steps 1-3 above.