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Compressing a video using Adobe Media Encoder

Compressing a video using Adobe Media Encoder

All university computers will have Adobe Media Encoder CC installed which is part of their creative suite package. It is used for big video files that need to be uploaded to SOL and may need to be compressed. Any kind of compression is going to take some time so make sure you come to compress your video well before your deadline.

To use Media Encoder to compress a video file for online submission please follow these simple steps.

1. First of all open up Media Encoder. It has 4 panels and you will mostly be using the Queue panel to compress the video file.  Click FILE then ADD SOURCE

2. Select the file you want to compress for online submission (alternatively you can drag and drop the file into the left hand window).

3. On the right hand side of the window, scroll down and select from the PRESETS menu, H.264 HD 720p 25. Drag and drop this preset on top of the file name over in the left hand side of the window.

4. Click on the file, below where it says OUTPUT FILE to rename the file if needed and also chose where to save the file to. Once thats done click SAVE.

5. Right click on the file name and click on the option, EXPORT SETTINGS.

6. To check that the compressed file will be under the 500MB look down at the bottom of the pop up window where it says ESTIMATED FILE SIZE. If it is larger than 500MB, move the slider under where it says TARGET BITRATE until the estimated file says it is under 500MB, then click OK.

7. Click the green triangle at the top of the main window and your video will start compressing

8. Media Encoder will show you its progress and will also give an estimated time for compression to complete by