Submitting assignments online

How to upload your video/audio assignment

Upload times

Please be advised that large multimedia files may take a significant amount of time to be uploaded depending on your upload speed.

You are strongly advised to upload and submit large assignment files from the University's networked computers or wi-fi. It is your responsibility to allow for sufficient time when uploading large assignment files.

If you chose to upload your assignment file(s) from home please be aware that they are likely to take considerably longer than if you were to upload from the University's network. The table below shows a range of estimated upload times based on upload speed and location:

If you want to test your network speed try but please remember it is the upload speed that you are monitoring.

Please note: The current maximum file size for assignments uploaded via Solent Online Learning is 1GB.
If you are uploading assignments from home please ensure that you keep other traffic on your home network to a minimum.