Submitting assignments online

How to submit your myPortfolio (Mahara)

If you have been asked to submit your digital portfolio that you have created in the myPortfolio system, go to the unit in question on Solent Online Learning (SOL) and click on the assignment submission link.

Click 'Add draft'.

Add draft

Select/check the circle next to the page/collection that you wish to submit (click on the name of the portfolio if you wish to check you are submitting the correct item).

Upload pages or collection

ntil the 'Submit assignment' button has been clicked, the submission status will be 'draft' meaning you can edit your submission. 

Submit your work

As soon as you press 'Submit assignment' your submitted portfolio page/collection will be locked and you can no longer edit it! 

Submit assignment

You will receive an email when you have submitted your work and an email when your tutor has released grading /feedback.