Submitting assignments online

Online submission


Check your work

After submitting your work, its an excellent idea to check that your submission has been successful.


Check that you have received an email notification from SOL.  This is the confirmation of your submission and it will give proof of a successful submission.  

Receipt from SOL

You will also receive an email direct from Turnitin when you upload any text-based document.  This is NOT a formal receipt for assessment submission, it is simply an acknowledgement that you have uploaded a file.  However, it does provide useful details (such as your Turnitin paper ID) if you ever need to discuss your submission or have to appeal.  It is good practice to keep all of your receipts for future reference. 

If you have problems submitting, contact your tutor immediately or any of the Learning Technology Advisors on Floor 2 of the Mountbatten Library . You could also leave a comment in the 'Submission comments' stating what has happened and what action you have taken or email the Learning Technology Advisors at