Submitting assignments online

Online submission


Prepare your work

When preparing your work there are a few things you need to check:

Make sure that you have added only your student ID number and your unit code to your assignment on the first page. This is to ensure your paper is 'anonymous'.

student id and unit code

When decided on a file name, use your student ID number and your unit code again, ie. student ID number and unit code. (A unit code is normally three letters and three numbers, e.g. MKT451). Do not use any special characters in your file name.

File name

Make sure your file size is less than 100MB for written assignments (e.g. Office docs, PowerPoint, text-based PDFs).  Check what type of files are accepted by Turnitin (see information about file types). Check your file has a file extension.

Other files e.g. photoshop, spreadsheets, etc. can be up to 250MB depending on what has been set up by your tutor. For any queries, you must contact your tutor.

If you are submitting a video or audio assignment online (via Medial), the maximum file size is raised to 1GB. Again, this is dependent on the set up by your tutor.