Solent Online Learning for students

Using Solent Online Learning

Customise your page

It is possible to set up your home page so that the most current and relevant courses and units are at the top of your page.  To do this, simply click on the Customise this page button.

Customise your page

You can move the 'blocks' up and down until you have them in the desired order. Use the arrows to drag and drop the blocks into the correct place.

Move the blocks around

Under the Current Pages and Archive Pages headings, you will see that you can change the number of course to display, using the drop down menu.

Number of courses to display

Archive Pages are toward the bottom of your front page, and units from previous academic years will be automatically moved there when the academic year concludes. You will continue to have access to these previous units for revision purposes but you just won't see them on your home page.