Solent Online Learning for students

Getting started

Minimum Browser Requirements

Browser requirements for Solent Online Learning and Turnitin

Solent Online Learning uses pop-up windows to display some resources. If you are having difficulty viewing resources from home, make sure that your browser is not blocking these pop-ups. Solent Online Learning also requires that your browser is set to accept cookies. If you have high security settings at home, you may need to adjust these when using Solent Online Learning, or add it as a trusted site.

To get the best out of our online services we recommend:

Minimum web browser requirements: Firefox 15+, Internet Explorer 9+ (10+ for drag and drop), Safari 6+, Google Chrome 23+, Opera 9+ (click the relevant link to update your browser - free download). For mobile and tablet devices make sure you update the browser and operating system when prompted by the manufacturer.

Broadband Internet: faster than 2Mbs download speed recommended.
To check your broadband speed:

Browser Plug-ins: Adobe Reader (for PDF docs), Adobe Flash (for some video and interactive content) - click the relevant link to get the most up to date free plug-ins.


For individual learning support or assistive technology, please view the information available from AccessSolent.

Printing and saving

Most resources on Solent Online Learning can be printed and saved in the same way as webpages using the File and Print/Save options.

If you want to print a Powerpoint presentation and you want more than one slide per page, click on Print and use the Print what option to select Handouts – then you can choose how many slides to include per page.

For more information the Portal Printing page.