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Using Solent Online Learning

HTML editor

HTML editor
The HTML editor screen appears whenever your need to add content to Solent Online Learning (e.g replying to a forum post, editing a journal or contributing to a wiki). You can just type text, or use the icons to add additional content and formatting.

Pasting text from elsewhere

You can cut and paste text from other Windows applications such as Microsoft Word straight into the editor, and your formatting will be preserved. Just use the Clean Word HTML button to remove some of the Word HTML from your pasted text: Word clean icon

If you make a mistake, use the undo and redo buttons!  Undo and redo buttons

Inserting Images

In your journals and assignments, you can choose to display images from your online photo-sharing account (e.g flickr, photobucket, picasa). Find the URL for your image by right clicking on the image, selecting properties and copying the Address URL.

Then, select the Insert Image icon insert image and enter the address in the Image URL box.

You can also browse for the image within your own computer files or USB stick. Just click on Find or upload an image.

Insert an image

You can use the layout options to change the alignment of the image, add a border, spacing etc.

Inserting video

If you see this icon Video icon you can insert video from YouTube. Just click on Find or upload an image

Insert video

You can browse for the video within your own computer files or USB stick or click on the YouTube repository link or any other online file storage places you have such as Google Docs, etc.

Adding a link

If you want to add a link to a website, select the text you want to be linked and hit the link icon. Enter the web address in the Link URL box, add a title and select OK. If you want the link to open in a new window, set the appropriate Target option.

Insert link
To remove a link, use the Remove link button.

Inserting tables

To insert a table in your page, select the table icon table and then choose how many rows and columns you need. Set the Border thickness to 0 if you don't want the table to be seen.

Insert a table
Other useful icons

Full screen toggle - Switch to full screen

special character - Insert custom characters and symbols

Find and find & replace - Find and replace text