Getting started on SOL

This book contains all the student help information for Solent Online Learning.


Navigation and structure

SOL has been structured to allow you to navigate easily between your modules and courses. It consists of course and module pages (and possibly other course/programme resource pages, set up by your course team or other University departments).

Course pages are spaces where general course information can be displayed. This can include course structures, course meeting notes, news relating to exam timetables, assessment guidelines and a space for communication between all students and staff involved in a particular course. This page is populated by your course team.

Module pages are spaces for tutors and students to access and post any information about that particular module, so the information and resources are more specific and tailored. You will also find your module descriptor, your module team under key contacts and assessment information under the 'Assessment' tab. These pages are populated by your course team.

The main menu is found on the left-hand side and shows quick access to Ask for Help, the Online helpdesk, your calendar, your assessment dashboard and your courses. It also offers links to the online student help pages, the library services, LinkedIn Learning and MyPortfolio. If this menu is closed, click the '3 lines' icon to open.

Dashboard/Home page

Your home page consists of a central panel where you can access your course page, modules and other resources. The simplest view shows All [courses], Course name in the Card format but you can change this to show courses in In progress, Future or in the Past. You will find any current course page/modules/resources under the In progress tab, any modules that are dated in the future (but within 30 days of the start date) will be under the Future tab and old modules will be under the Past tab.

You can also change the last option from Card to List for easy viewing.

Page layout

Pages (or courses) on SOL consist of a 'central area' which contains learning materials along with 'blocks' on the left hand side (and sometimes the right).  In the central area, clicking on the links take you to various learning materials and resources. 

The 'blocks' that you see will depend on how your lecturer has set out the module. Some of the main blocks include Activities, Quickmail, Lecture capture, Key Contacts, etc.

Navigating around SOL

Use the breadcrumb trail just underneath the banner to find your location. Clicking Home will return you to your SOL dashboard page.