Getting started on SOL

This book contains all the student help information for Solent Online Learning.


Logging in

Log in boxGo to and login using your normal University login and password (sent to you when you first joined Solent). 

After logging in, you will then see your SOL homepage. This page displays the course and unit pages that you are subscribed to. You should be automatically subscribed to the right pages on SOL. Click on the names to access them. If you do not have access to a required unit, please contact the Student Hub in the first instance, and if they are unsure, ask them to contact Student Registry to check your official student record.

Please note: Some pages may not appear until the following day after your first log in. If you are still unable to see every unit you expect to after this short delay, please contact the Student Hub.

Logging in from home

You can login from home. Just go to as normal. If you have problems when accessing SOL from home, check your 'Security Settings' and make sure that 'Cookies are enabled'. SOL also uses pop-up windows to display some resources. If you can't see some resources, make sure that your browser is not blocking these pop-ups.

Last years unit pages

It is not possible to remove yourself from previous units.  There are two reasons: