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Why reference?

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Why referenceAt University, you are expected to engage with the research and writings of others in your subject area. This can help you support and explain your own arguments in your course work and improve your understanding of your subject.  You must acknowledge these sources when you use them in your assignments.  You do this by referencing.

Referencing serves several important purposes:

  1. Acknowledges sources of information, a key aspect of academic integrity
  2. Demonstrates the depth and quality of the research you have done
  3. Allows others to locate sources you have used if they wish to know more
Watch this video for top tips on referencing from a Solent University student and Sabbatical officer:

Remember to keep notes of the reference details for all your sources as you use them - author, title, year of publication etc. This makes it much easier to put your references in your assignment when you are ready to start writing!

You may want to try RefWorks to help you create and store your references as you collect them.